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Visit from Eri Ito-san

On 26th March, Eri Ito-san, M2 from Itami Laboratory, Nagoya University visited us. It seems that Asako imitated Eri-san in Instagram but I didn't not

Shabu shabu celebration

Hi! Nice to meet you! Saito from the new B4! Yamaguchi Lab's only girl! That is why I aim to brighten our laboratory.B4 usually goes home at 6 pm

5th Keio Organic Young Symposium

Hello! I am Asahara from the new B4 who always carry a plastic bag because I like it. I do not recommend Donquijote's (supermarket) bag because it has

Muto turns 29 years old!

On April 22 is the day I was born and I have turned 29 years old. Yesterday, everyone celebrated my birthday with me. It was the first time everyone d

Visit by Yagi-san

On April 20, Ms. Akiko Yagi, Assistant Professor of Itami Laboratory from Nagoya University visited the laboratory. Ms. Yagi was in the same batch as

Lecture by Dr. Keisuke Omatsu

Hello everyone! This Ishitobi from B4! I am very nervous because it is the first time in B4! Lol!On April 19th, Prof. Omatsu of Oi laboratory from

#Asako’s paper

On 31st March 2017, I have submitted my paper to Tetrahedron!This paper was written together with Mr. Hayashi and Makoto of Itami Lab and Mr. Amai