16. Organocatalyst-Mediated Enantioselective Intramolecular Aldol Reaction Featuring the Rare Combination of Aldehyde as Nucleophile and Ketone as Electrophile
2016-09-19_16-18-48 jo0709100n00001

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2016-09-19_16-02-33 ja068053pn00001

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14. Enantio- and Diastereoselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Panepophenanthrin
2016-09-19_16-17-05 nsch002

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13. Large Nonlinear Effect Observed in the Enantiomeric Excess of Proline in Solution and That in the Solid State
2016-09-19_16-16-05 ncontent4

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12. Concise Enantio- and Diastereoselective Total Syntheses of Fumagillol, RK-805, FR65814, Ovalicin, and 5-Demethylovalicin
2016-09-19_16-15-27 ncontent3

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11. Determination by Asymmetric Total Synthesis of The Absolute Configuration of Lucilactaene, a Cell Cycle Inhibitor in p53-Transfected Cells
2016-09-19_16-14-37 ncontent2

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10. A Highly Active 4-Siloxyproline Catalyst for Asymmetric Synthesis
2016-09-19_16-13-45 2016-08-14_12-11-14

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9. Structure-Activity Relationships of Epolactaene Derivatives
2016-09-19_16-12-46 1-s2.0-S0960894X04008248-fx1

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2016-09-19_16-11-48 jo049338sn00001

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2016-09-19_16-10-20 ncontent

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Highlights VIP paper in Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.

6. Direct Proline Catalyzed Asymmetric a-Aminooxylation of Aldehydes
2016-09-19_16-06-27 2016-09-19_16-08-52

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2016-09-19_16-05-36 ol034630sn00001

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4. Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Azaspirene, a Novel Angiogenesis Inhibitor
2016-09-19_16-02-33 ja0276826n00001

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3. The Diastereoselective Asymmetric Total Synthesis of NG-391, a Neuronal Cell-Protecting Molecule
2016-09-19_16-01-23 1-s2.0-S0040402002012905-gr1

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2. Diastereoselective Total Synthesis of Both Enantiomers of Epolactaene
2016-09-19_15-59-10 jo025641mn00001

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1.Total Synthesis of (+)-Epoxyquinols A and B
2016-09-19_15-54-04 mcontent

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