Members for 2024

Professor (Principal Investigator)

Junichiro Yamaguchi, Professor at Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Graduated with a Ph.D. from Tokyo University of Science in 2007. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at The Scripps Research Institute in the United States, before becoming an assistant professor at Nagoya University in 2008. He was promoted to associate professor in 2012 and joined Waseda University as an associate professor in 2016, becoming a full professor in 2018. His hobbies include ramen, marathon running, diving, and website management. He aims to be a researcher who can convey the “fun” and “potential” of chemistry to future students, making even difficult topics enjoyable and saying, “Chemistry is interesting!” He also serves as the head of the chemistry portal site Chem-Station.

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Associate Professors and Lecturers

Eisuke Ota, Associate Professor at Waseda University, Advanced Research Institute

Graduated with a Ph.D. from Keio University in 2016. He worked as a special researcher at RIKEN and as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University before becoming a lecturer at the Waseda University Research Institute in 2018 and at the School of Advanced Science and Engineering in 2020. He has been in his current position since 2024. His hobbies include singing, badminton, running, and exploring back alleys. His motto is the spirit of “Shuhari” (mastery through tradition, breaking with tradition, and transcendence). He aims to connect different fields and be a pioneer in niche areas. He dreams of undiscovered molecules, hidden functions, and unexplored reaction forms, and wants to share as many moments of excitement as possible with his students.

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Kenta Kato, Research Lecturer at Waseda University, Research Institute of Science and Engineering

Graduated with a Ph.D. from Nagoya University in 2019. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Center for the Creation of Chemical Reactions and Hokkaido University before joining his current position in 2020. His hobbies include reading, cleaning, traveling, karaoke, and basketball. His motto is “Let’s go home with a smile!” He dreams of astonishing the world with cool molecules that no one has ever seen. He aims to be a researcher who can share the excitement and thrill that only research can provide with as many students as possible.

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Administrative and Technical Support Staff

Maya Mochizuki

Doctoral Course Students


Kazuhiro Aida JSPS Special Research Fellow DC1
Keiichiro Iizumi, JSPS Special Research Fellow DC2
Qikun Wu JSPS Special Research Fellow DC2


Masayuki Kubo W-SPRING Supported Student
HIkaru Nakahara, JSPS Special Research Fellow DC2
Tatsuya Miyazaki W-SPRING Supported Student
Eito Moriya Mizuno Scholar


Hugo Oki W-SPRING Supported Student Comrade of Cheese
Taku Hikosaka W-SPRING Supported Student
Di Zhao (Zhao Di)

Master’s Course Students


Kazuya Inagaki
Taijyu Uehara
Ryosuke Sakamoto Mizuno Scholar Integrated Doctoral Program
Yuki Sasaki
Ryota Tajima Satomi Scholar Integrated Doctoral Program
Hiroki Tanaka
Chie Tabata
Naoki Morita, Satomi Scholar, Integrated Doctoral Program


Yoshifumi Kawabe
Yuna Onozawa
Sae Toyoda
Ryotaro Shirai, Satomi Scholar
Riku Hotta
Takuya Yuzurihara
Yuta Hayashida
Shuhei Shimoyama

Undergraduate Students


Mayuko Koyama
Kotaro Takaoka
Yusui Takahashi
Ryota Tashiro
Keisuke Hara
Masanori Matsumoto
Tatsunosuke Yoshikawa

Research and Seminar Students