Shabu shabu celebration

Hi! Nice to meet you! Saito from the new B4! Yamaguchi Lab’s only girl! That is why I aim to brighten our laboratory.

B4 usually goes home at 6 pm so it ends at 6 pm…..but this day happens to study only and go home. So Jun-san, Kei-san, M1 and everyone said let’s drink! If you think…. What is it? Fine meat…..


Jun-san got the Japanese black beef as a celebration gift. What a luck! Is it a reward for studying hard? So lucky!

Let’s start our shabu shabu! Everyone set off to buy groceries such as Chinese cabbage, potherb mustard, green onions, tofu, meat … Bought various ingredients and start preparing shabu-shabu! I wanted to quickly eat and keep fidgeting because sometimes I am very hungry. Firstly, the meat I bought from the supermarket is decent and delicious. I ate a lot while thinking if I eat this too much I won’t be able to the high-quality meat. After eating, my stomach was a bit swollen but I feel good…..waiting for the one and only…..Japanese black beef!!!!! As expected, high quality meat and each piece is wrapped…..and it is super big! I was so impressed. We cooked according to our favor…..


Anyway it was so delicious and the gravy is amazing. Roast beef (from Isshiki). Each person eat 2 pieces and left two remaining only. We bet on the meat and I lost. Sorry…. Okita-san and Asako-san were the winners! The meat is gone and the last thing to do is finish the soup! After a good party, the celebration shabu-shabu closed. (After this, I studied and returned home …!)

I am so delighted to eat such delicious meat. Next, I’m looking forward to the next food that I can enjoy. I want to work my best to get high-quality food!!

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