CSJ Chemistry Festa

Last weekend, I gave lecture at “CSJ Chemistry Festa” in three consecutive lectures starting from Thursday which are “Library Exhibition“, “Winter Symposium of the Japanese Society for Process Chemistry6th_festa_pos

The lecture will be a theme project with a title “Chemical Laboratory Management-Information Center for Breaking-“. The top image is Prof. Ito (Hokkaido University) which is one of the committee members. This time, I gave a lecture as a representative of ChemStation, not chemistry. Program is shown below.



This project was much more interesting than hearing a chemistry symposium but it was a pity that there were not many attendees. When I looked into the other rooms, it was quite sparse so it seems that I need to put more effort in attracting people. Mr. Kikukawa who is designing a new academic logo and HP of a laboratory that he thought was beautiful. Prof. Ito who is active in transmitting laboratory information using the Internet and now has a master’s degree in science. Professor Taniguchi who is studying lab management as a professor. Mr. Ohno who talked about Daicel’s research background and Mr. Ishihara who was passionate about the laboratory management. All these members present feels like a bit of a waste.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ito, Mr. Makoto Yasuda (Osaka University) and Mr. Eita Ikeda (Nissan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) for their invitation.

After the lecture, we immediately move on to social gathering. Prof. Minamikata of Osaka University joined us (the “face” of the Minamikata Lab’s HP was also designed by Kikukawa) and had a good time. In the middle of the second meeting, I missed the “M1 drinking party” that was attended by Ito and Koga, students of Itami Lab. Finally, I am fully satisfied with ramen. I could not go home so I slept in the student’s room. (bitter smile)




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I received souvenirs from Ito and Koga from Itami Laboratory but I forgot to take a picture together with them. Thank you and it was delicious.

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