5th Keio Organic Young Symposium

Hello! I am Asahara from the new B4 who always carry a plastic bag because I like it. I do not recommend Donquijote’s (supermarket) bag because it has so many holes.

Today, I have participated in the 5th Keio Organic Young Symposium held on the 22nd. Click here for last year.

We were able to listen to many presentations by nine young researchers who are active in various fields related to organic chemistry.

This symposium is a good opportunity for me as an undergraduate who just entered the lab. I was able to learn chemistry in-depth and understand more from the symposium.

After the symposium, I thought I would be able to make new friends and enjoy the social gathering without getting drunk. However, I was not drunk (?) but I got drunk eventually (crying).

In addition, Mr. Sudo of Sendai Lab from Keio University who is the author of a comprehensive all-synthetic paper on Madangamine which was discussed at the abstract meeting. He is a big fan of our Yamaguchi blog!

Although, it was my first time attending a symposium at another university but I think I have gained a lot of knowledge and return safely.

If there is more opportunity, I would like to attend more in other places!

I do not know who did I interacted with in the party but thank you very much to the people who were involved!

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