Muto turns 29 years old!

On April 22 is the day I was born and I have turned 29 years old. Yesterday, everyone celebrated my birthday with me. It was the first time everyone do this so I was a little confused but I am very happy.

I wish to apologize to one member, Yamada-san for preparing my cake in room 201. My desk is actually at room 202 but I leave the sit for just 5 minutes and went to room 201 blowing the surprise. When I left my seat, they waited for me causing the candle wax to fall on the cake. The cake is now so colorful and luckily doesn’t affect the taste at all. I guess it will be memorable.

I have turned 29 years old and I feel that a year has passed so fast. In this 28 years old life, I got my new position and settled into a new environment feeling anxious all the time. I hope this year can give me a little more time to relax and concentrate on my research.

I will do my best as Jun-san’s motto ‘year of the game‘!

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