Lecture by Dr. Keisuke Omatsu

Hello everyone! This Ishitobi from B4! I am very nervous because it is the first time in B4! Lol!

On April 19th, Prof. Omatsu of Oi laboratory from Nagoya University visited us and gave a lecture!

Prof. Omatsu was a colleague of Jun-san when studying at Nagoya University and also introduce Chem-station. (Article: Highly difficult molecular conversion, direct synthesis of optically active α-aminocarbonyl compounds, making impossible possible with the power of a catalyst? Development of a bicontinuous asymmetric quaternary carbon construction method).

B4 was prepared in advance by studying the contents of the research. However, the reason for using such solvents and reagents and mechanisms were not clear and often omitted from the paper. Therefore, I feel that I have learned a lot from these valuable experience. Thank you very much Prof. Omatsu.

Moreover, it was also a great day for Professor Omatsu and Mr. Jun to receive the Young Scientist Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the science and technology field.


Drinking time!!!

We had a drinking party in Shin-Okubo in honor of Omatsu-sensei and the celebration for both professors! We went to a Korean restaurant for the first party and a fisherman restaurant for the second party!

Recently, a Korean restaurant is known for a cheese duck beef that is buzzing among high school girls! It taste a little spicy but it was very delicious! Unfortunately, the draft beer is not beer but it was “wheat and hop”.

In the second party, thanks to Matsushita’s wife Mahomaho, Okita-san and Komatsuda-san and about after-drinking party is always Miki with these three people.

Matsushita-san and Maho-san call each other, Mahota and Nyanta. So cute ~ (#^^#)

The fun time has passed so quickly and as usual Asako-san is KO and went to ramen shop. I wanted to go too….cry

Finally, tomorrow is Keio Symposium! Going to talk more, make lots of friends and drink lots!! Lol!

work hard, drink hard!!!

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