Visit from Eri Ito-san

On 26th March, Eri Ito-san, M2 from Itami Laboratory, Nagoya University visited us. It seems that Asako imitated Eri-san in Instagram but I didn’t notice it.

She bought me my favorite yoku moku as a souvenir. The next day, all was eaten by Saito and Ishitobi.

Next, I went to a store called Yoneya Le (Michael) at Takadanobaba station. I really wanted to eat fish but I was not able to make a reservation on that day.

Asako went drunk because of Eri-san at the annual drinking party (not necessarily that day), so it was a revenge match!

However, the moment we toast with sake, Asako went to dream world in an instant. As usual, it is useless.

The second party, we went to Karasuma Suisan and Isshiki lost his memory here. I don’t really know what happened.

It was a great drinking party after a long time but it was a lot of fun.

Thank you for coming during your job-hunting period. Let’s go for a drink again!

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