Training the B4

Hi everyone! My name is Tomoaki Takahara. I rarely drink coffee before but thanks to the coffee machine in the laboratory, I have fall in love with coffee.

Following the general cleaning of Building No. 202, training was held in April to learn the knowledge necessary for research (such as how to operate the equipment).

B4 is



We are divided into 2 groups and conducted different experiments every two weeks.

During this period, I learned a lot from my seniors such as writing experiment notes and how to take NMR. My first impression on Isolera was WOW! There are a many features which I have not used yet so I want to try to use them as much as possible.

We are still a fresh undergraduates who had experience in student experiments only. At first, I was confused by the unfamiliar work but later the experiment become fun for some reason. That’s strange….

During training, Asahara-kun’s filter paper changed from a normal form to an avant-garde artwork (laughs). This is the result of many practices.


From today onwards, the theme will be handed over to each B4 and we will be working on our research. Based on what I learned this time, I will do my best in my research.

Thank you to the seniors who guided me and all B4!

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