Organic Chemistry Summer Seminar 2016

Contrary to the title, its a ramen blog again! haha! Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the venue and other places. This ramen is one of the best ramen in Osaka and it is called “Human Beings Everybody Noodles“.

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This is seriously delicious! It’s a short walk from Nishinakajima Minamikata Station and about 10 minutes from Shin-Osaka, so it’s recommended for business trips to Osaka. Photo taken as shown below.



I got invited to the Organic Synthesis Summer seminar of Kansai branch and gave a lecture (program here). The presentation slide was made in a hurry but I managed to finish. I was surprised that Mr. Maeda, a graduate student from Itami Laboratory of Nagoya University also participated during the lecture. It seems like he is doing his best.

Its been a long time since I attended a lecture and it was so fun as a participant. The lecture by Dr. Takai of Okayama University is particularly outstanding. I would like to give such a lecture in the future. Students participating in the social gathering was rare after the event. Picture of ramen after the second party.



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We went to a store named “Shinkabakushin“. All of us were very drunk and mistakenly thought “Shinkabakushin“is “Shinkamycin“. Lets go! It is a weird mistake made by chemists haha! Although all said is ramen but I am doing my job properly.

Thank you to the Kansai Branch, the General Manager of the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Society, Dr. Minakata, the Secretariat for your help and Mr. Yoriko and Mr. Hayashi who share the same hobby as me.

[Appendix] It is not only ramen! Kishi-kun (2nd Year PhD student) from Sakurai Laboratory, Osaka University sent me the photos we took together during the social gathering. Thank you!



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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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