My second punishment game with Mr. Tsuji

From the last punishment, I am going to continue the punishment game by eating ramen again.

This time around, we will challenge “Spicy noodles, Takagiya”.

Related ranking:Tsukemen | Takadanobaba station, Gakushuin Shimo station, Nishiwaseda Station

Coincidentally, Mr. Tsuji came to visit for the second time and participated with us in the punishment game.

スクリーンショット 2016-08-31 18.31.05


Speaking of hot ramen, the best place is “Mongolian Tanmen Nakamoto” but according to Jun-san and Kei-san (ramen critics), Takagi taste better than Nakamoto. I personally like Takagi and Hajime Pepper.

The food I ate, “spicy men” in the punishment game is the top image. I managed to finish the meal because everyone helps me to drink the soup.

The end of punishment game! In fact, I scored in the third place for the entrance exam in Yamaguchi Lab and lost to Tokibu-kun from Hosokawa Lab. It seems that I have another punishment game. I regret not studying more. Looking forward to the next punishment game (cry).


By the way, I had diarrhea on that day.



Inspired from Asako, we do not want to lose in a punishment game too. What Isshiki ate was spicy “North Pole” but honestly, Takagi had really spicy ramen at several times. What I (Yamaguchi) ate was the “Arctic Volcano“, a limited food. Speaking of Nakamoto’s spiciness level, the Arctic volcano is “12” compared to the Arctic, “9”. It was super spicy but both them manage to drink all the soup clean.


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卒業生。この1年で7キロ増量!! ださいたま出身。



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