General cleaning of Building 62, room 202 to Building 55, S-401B

The new undergraduates officially starts their laboratory life.

However, we cannot do experiment immediately because only 62-201 in Building 62 was used last year. And the other room 202 (which has been used as a room for equipment and goods) must be cleaned.

* Please see the past article about the cleaning scenery of room 201 last year ([: first cleaning : cleaning the laboratory and equipments)

When you actually remove the top of the draft, it is full of dust as shown in the picture below …

Last year we had to clean one draft per person and since there was no organic solvent, there was a great memory that finally became beautiful after scrubbing with water and cleanser,

This year, the number of people increased causing the increase in the use of solvents such as methanol and hexane. The solvents were used faster than expected.

Other than the draft, conspicuous places where the dirt is are all cleaned. I also found apparatus such as stirrers and spatulas (haha).

Aside from the cleaning unit, we decorated the room (55-S-401B) that was newly acquired from this fiscal year. Although it is a little far away from building 62, Jun-san will be ever to talk about business and student privately comfortably. A comfortable sofa that is bought which can be pushed back.

In the end, the whole laboratory is remodeled and work is finished.

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