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Ramen part 5

I just realized that its been 5 months since the laboratory has been established. Recently, a Chinese version of the eating blogs of Yamaguchi Laborat

Revenge? No hunting for ramen?

Last day, I went to a ramen shop for hunting new ramen shop with four people without Kei-san.Why isn't Kei-san coming back for 1 month? During Jun

Taiwan Gyoza Bo Part I report

On a rainy days, we usually go to "Taiwan gyoza bo" (in other words, if it rains then we only go)This is because it is closest to the laboratory.

Visitor, Mr. Urushima

The other day on the 20th, Mr. Urushima, a junior from a laboratory in the school days (Hayashi Laboratory) visited. Apparently, there is a meeting ca

Organometallic discussion 2016

The 63rd Organometallic Symposium was held for 3 days until today at Nishiwaseda Campus.Photos with people who visited Yamaguchi Lab. Later on for

Lecture at Tohoku Conference 2016

I went to Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture on the weekend for a lecture. That Iwaki with “Spa Resort Hawaiians”, is famous from the movie “Hula Girl”.

See’s Candies

See's Candies is a chocolate from California, USA. Mr. Makoto Suzuki (2nd year doctoral student) who had been studying for 3 months at the Scripps Res


The other day I received a familiar T-shirt from Tokyo Chemical Industry. Fuka-chan is waving the flag of “overwhelming synthetic power” instead of le