Ramen part 5

I just realized that its been 5 months since the laboratory has been established. Recently, a Chinese version of the eating blogs of Yamaguchi Laboratory has been made to allow everyone to enjoy eating delicious ramen.

Although I have introduced so many of them but there are still some photos in my iPhone are not uploaded.

Welcome everyone! (updated blogs will be named →1

Tenka Ippin Takadanobaba

The photo is above. A chain store that no longer requires explanation. Soup broth is as thick as sauce. The soup is mixed well with the noodles that you won’t have much much to drink after. The restaurant is nice to students and there are many varieties on the menu.



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Tori soba Nakichi

A shop with a history of winning the 2014 ramen tour lineout competition. The shop is so beautiful and wide that you would cannot imagine it is a ramen shop. Ordered cloudy chicken soba. A simple way to express your personal impressions in a French cuisine style is “Porridge soup with white chicken”. The minced pork was delicious too.



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Chinese noodles Osaka

On a Sunday, I went to Shibuya by bicycle because a second grader whom I was in charge during open campus told me that a ramen veteran in Shibuya was present. Inspired by it, I decide to give it a try. I say it is neither good or bad, just a typical thick soup taste.



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Gagana RAMEN

I went to the Chinese noodles Osaka before the Subway seminar at Rikkyo University to recharge my energy. I ordered a special ramen dish called “Hormone ramen”. Our lab, 2 students have different opinions. However, the opinion of the affirmative is that “if you are a hormone shop, it is super-duper”. The hormone was really delicious.



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Tamuro chin Ikebukuro (main store)

The subway seminar starts with ramen and ends with ramen. I had a drinking party with Yamashita Lab from Chuo University. While I was drunk, my tongue became stupid and the taste spreads. It was so delicious and I wish to go again the next time.



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Time to develop Okubo series. On Saturday, we all walked together and meet up. Highly-rated stores around Waseda are many and surprisingly most of them are delicious as reviewed. Although it is creamy, the dish is suitable for family where it can be eaten refreshingly.



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RAMEN CiQUE (ラーメン チキュウ)

I went to Nakano and Ogikubo with no plan with Jun-san and I found this shop. Small and neat shop which attracts many female customers. I ordered soy sauce ramen and double soup taste. To be honest, this shop is not unique at all. However, I later learned that this shop has a salt ramen with a reputation for its combination of grilled tomatoes. If I have the chance to go, I will choose that menu instead.



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Waseda University Science and Technology Cafeteria Spicy Miso Ramen

Ramen for Isshiki. Before eating, the noodles started to grow longer, I think its the specialty of this cafeteria. By the time I finished eating, the noodles size doubles. Overwhelmingly cost performance, unrivaled to other shops. There is a miso ramen in a similar menu but there were no eggs in it and it maybe overwhelming to put toppings again.


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A revenge happens in this ramen tour. This restaurant boasts with the second highest rank around Waseda. The feature of this noodle is tuna is put on polished salt ramen. The owner becomes independent from Osaka’s noodle chef and has opened a store in Waseda (heard the conversations between an elderly couple and owner). This is the second best shio ramen in my life. (the best is Josui)




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KokoroBA (ココロバ)

Hakata Ramen is a 10-minute walk from Ramen Yamaguchi. For me (and Jun-san) who completely died in the last “Bari kote”, this restaurant is a savior for us. It is rich but not smelly and also all-you-can eat pepper and takana are available. It seems like the tantan noodle here is delicious too.



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Tsukemen Gonokami Seisakusho

One of the most famous shops in the Shinjuku area. Inside the store, the crustacean scent is abundant. I learned thet but there is Tsukemen Gonogami Factory in Shinjuku Gyoen while writing a blog which is also highly rated (although I have never been there). Thin noodles were often mixed well in the thick shrimp soup created by the skillful teamwork of the two shop assistants. We were able to enjoy it deliciously until the end. Changing the noodles will change the type of noodles and you can enjoy the different taste of this ramen.


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A shop in Takadanobaba with a new genre vegetable tonkotsu and a signboard. When 5 of us entered the store, the staff’s tension slightly decreases (one person work and do the cooking only, inevitable tension was expressed). The dish was okay (if you do not like the animal odor, please avoid it). Operating a shop is just like dong an experiment, if you are feeling down, you will not be able to produce good results.



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Kita Otsuka ramen

Jun-san and Urushima-san who was my University’s junior went to a noodle shop together. The ramen noodle I ordered was from a kind married old couple. The fats from the pork is delicious and fits well with the noodle. Ramen itself has a delicious Chinese soba taste, so if you don’t like fat, I would recommend a regular ramen.




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This time I have introduced 13 ramen shops. How many cups of ramen could have been! It is troublesome to count, but for the time being, there are a lot of them.

Everyone, please make sure that your number of experiments do not drop below the number of ramen! Ramen is the vitality of research! All this time, thank you to all the ramen shop for the delicious meals!!

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