Revenge? No hunting for ramen?

Last day, I went to a ramen shop for hunting new ramen shop with four people without Kei-san.

Why isn’t Kei-san coming back for 1 month? During Jun-san’s absence, Kei-san decided on his own to explore a new ramen shop at Takadanobaba. So this time, when Kei-san is absent, Jun-san said let’s go eat delicious ramen as a revenge!

How scary it is that we went on a expedition to Jujo by car? Man, food is so scary. haha!

When we arrived at Jujo, the shop was closed so we went to Higashi Jujo (pretty good review) instead. Finally, we reached at Higashi Jujo of “Honda” ramen restaurant.


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Please look at the top picture, the main restaurant is a Chinese soba restaurant. The hand-made noodles were delicious and soy sauce soup blended well together. As you can see from the photos, the pork is rare-baked looking like roast beef.

…. and, it was delicious but cannot satisfy Kei-san at all! The party who was unsatisfied in terms of both taste and quantity decided to make a ramen shop ladder. On my way home, I hope to find a good ramen shop and decided to enter there.

The second was to go to “Abura soba” restaurant. Jun-san wish to go to “Shiru nashi Hagan” after eating one at Otsuka station. But when you enter…


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I did not do it! Supposed to do it on the side!!

I have already parked my car in the parking lot so I quickly searched for a highly-rated ramen shop near Otsuka Station and found a Tantan noodle shop called “Nakiryu”.

I knew it the moment I arrived, how is it a Michelin restaurant and second place for Tokyo best Tantan noodle.




The inside of the store was clean, the desk and other spaces were very spacious. The essential noodles are refreshing and less muddy than seen in the photos. Jun-san ordered “Mapo tantan noodle” which has rich soup taste. The bowl is covered with bright red powder but it was not hot. Adding a stylish Hanazansho on the table makes me feel more enjoyable.




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What surprised me was this topping. At first glance, it looks like a steak but it is actually a minced meat. The dipping sauce was also served together. The price is cheap (450 yen) but the taste is normal. Eating the pork with tantan men was a bit weird so I just ate the pork only. Ambiguous.



Although it was a simple evaluation, both shops were very delicious and it was a very satisfying ramen tour (3-hour dinner). (Okita had forgotten his umbrella at the store and cried at the end).

Thank you Jun for driving us around and bringing us to two ramen shops. Thank you for the delicious ramen.


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卒業生。この1年で7キロ増量!! ださいたま出身。



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