Taiwan Gyoza Bo Part I report

On a rainy days, we usually go to “Taiwan gyoza bo” (in other words, if it rains then we only go)

This is because it is closest to the laboratory. Sometimes when it rains, it becomes depressing but when it is slightly sunny,  we miss this place a little. The price is really good which is 550 yen, it offers free rice refill and I think it is the best for laboratory student.

Such a lovable gyoza shop which has 30 selection from the menu table and 10 choices on the whiteboard in the store. A total of 40 varieties of food to choose.

Each members of the lab has wrote a simple report of the food they have eaten from the menu. Although, it has nothing to do with research, it is also important for “daily life” of the laboratory. First, I will explain the top 15 varieties of food on the menu.

1. Fried vegetables


It taste really salty. Many bean sprouts that are cooked well and it was delicious. Overall food is quite fragrant. I would recommend you to use the sauce from the vegetables and eat with rice.

2. Nirareba


Personally, I love nirareba and I think it is the most delicious dish in the world. The reba is very soft and does not feel crispy at all bu the main dish taste a little bitter. Recommend for nirareba lovers.

3. Black bean mapo tofu


There were no beans as per said on the menu. Looks delicious when it was first served. However, it taste different from the mopu tofu that I imagined. The tofu is lack of horse mackerel and it hurts the throat because it is too spicy. Ultimately, it has no taste and is spicy. Cuckoo is the most delicious (my personal view).

4. Meat dumpling claypot


There were just 5-6 pieces of meat in the claypot. The rest is vermicelli and carrots are undercooked. The soup taste nice but would have been nice is rice is eaten together. However, rice was not particularly delicious so I just eat a lot because I just want to finish them. I think the claypot meal would taste better if the broth is a bit thicker. I would recommend eating this on a cold winter day. Probably one of the rarest item on the menu of this restaurant.

5. Stir fried potato with chicken


A well-cooked delicious dish that serve crispy potato, chicken and peanuts. Beware of allergies! Spicy alert! (depends on previous menu)

6. Fried jellyfish pork and eggs


Served within 1 minute, overwhelmingly fast. Not only does it look nice but it taste delicious too. Speaking of eggs, they are so fluffy and I can feel the chef’s skill is exceptional. The only bad point of this dish is the vegetables are undercooked and hard.

7. Huigorou


The taste is strong, cabbage is crispy but the carrots are raw. Pork is the most delicious compare to the Chinese ho pot meat .It taste lighter and suits Japanese’s taste more. Highly recommend.

8. Fried Chicken


The plate consist of seven large fried chickens and large amount of salad with dressing. The fried chicken is delicious but I feel that the the chicken’s flour is too hard. The dressing on the salad is sweet and spicy and I am very satisfied. Cospa is not really good (580 yen)

9. Fried chicken and peanuts


A spicy dish that has no chilli is added but instead full of garlic and stir-fried pepper. At the first glance, it does not look like it contains any peanuts but its actually hidden with the chickens. Recommend for spicy lovers!

10. Spicy chicken


Rice accompanied with the spiciness of chicken and many garlics. It is no surprise that this is the must-order food when you come here. Note that chilli peppers are tasteless and are very hot!

11. Oiled chicken


Large quantity of chicken was served with heaps of cabbage. The sweet and sour taste is appetizing and chicken is well-fried. I am fully satisfied.

12.Grilled pork with ginger


How can there be grilled pork with ginger in a Chinese restaurant? Seasoning is not Chinese style but seems very familiar. The ingredients are only pork and large amount of onions and taste better with rice. If you are tired of Chinese food, then you should eat this.

13. Fried egg and shrimp


Shrimp is fried with fluffy eggs. The seasoning is simple and the main ingredients are salt and pepper. Sounds very simple, but the simplicity is irresistible. If chilli oil is added, it will taste even more delicious. Just for your information, the chilli oil is not on the table, if you wish to add them, please ask from the staff.

14. Ginger rose


It is not ginger rose, roasted ginger. . The taste is sweet and the peppers are crispy and delicious. But the meat is  not enough. It taste lighter and lighter than Cuckdoo. If adding chilli oil, the taste will be more delicious

15. Chilli shrimp


The shrimp is large and about the size of a child’s fist. The sour taste could be tasted sometimes and cabbages underneath them are not delicious at all.

The menu is shown in the picture shown below.



Part 2 to be continued

The shop that I have introduced is shown below.

関連ランキング:台湾料理 | 高田馬場駅西早稲田駅新大久保駅


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