Visitor, Mr. Urushima

The other day on the 20th, Mr. Urushima, a junior from a laboratory in the school days (Hayashi Laboratory) visited. Apparently, there is a meeting called Japan Scripts Symposium in December so he conveniently stop by Tokyo. He is currently working for Otsuka Pharmaceutical (Tokushima) so it is tiring for him to come down all the way here.

The Japan Scripts Symposium is a so-called alumni association group of Japanese students who were studying at the Scripts Institute in San Diego in December. Most of them are Chemists but there are some people who are related to pharmaceuticals, chemistry, universities and research institutes. Every year, the symposium is divided into east and west but the Olympic year and symposium is held jointly between east and west. I thought I could participate in the east after a long time but I couldn’t book with the Manyu Foundation’s “Quarterly Memorial Banyu Symposium” on that day. I think there are many people who cannot attend this symposium especially people related to university.

Back to the story, we received a souvenir from Tokushima from Urushima-kun. Thank you!

From there, all the related laboratories and most people’s laboratories are at Tokyo Chemical Industry in Oji. I was really looking forward to go but unfortunately a typhoon came. Instead, I headed by car and ate ramen, North Otsuka Ramen for lunch at around Otsuka. The other day I went to Iwaki on a business trip and thought I would get off to find and eat but it was a Sunday. So only photo of North Otsuka Ramen are posted. I think the taste will be told later in an article by Dr. Muto’s ramen. It is not as delicious as it looks.



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I arrived at Tokyo Chemical Industry around noon. It was raining heavily so I couldn’t take any pictures. This picture I have searched from google map and uploaded it here.2016-09-21_21-34-03


It was smaller than I expected. The back of the gate of this photo is the research institute. Manufacturing and bottling are done elsewhere and only R & D is here. It seems like only 50 people are working. Surprisingly, there were many foreign employees and the contents were ordinary laboratories. A meaningful visit.

It was time to return home and even then the rain did not stop. The first “rainy days” is held after moving to Waseda. Rainy days is


“Rainy days means drinking party because it is hard to return home”

It is a simple meeting which usually held the next day. (bitter smile)


We had a calm night accompanied with delicious souvenirs and alcohols. At the same time, I received two acceptance emails and then rain finally stopped raining. Then, we all return home at late night feeling elated..


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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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