Organometallic Chemistry Conference at Waseda University

The 63rd Organometallic Chemistry Conference was held at the Nishiwaseda Campus for 3 days from 14th to 16th !

I have already written about the people who visited the lab (here) so I would like to introduce the atmosphere of the society and “after the conference” together.

It was a very large society where teachers and students from universities all over the country came together to make oral and poster presentations. My research theme seems to be able to fit into the field of organometallic chemistry so I find my research absolutely diverse and interesting.

Since, we have just entered the lab not long ago so we were not able to do any presentations. However, we are given the opportunity to interact with people from various universities. Drinking party was held too!

The first day was with the students of Itami Laboratory, Nagoya University! Jun (Mr. Yamaguchi) and Kei (Mr. Muto) are able to meet their old friends after a long time.

The second day was planned by Junya-san, with the students of Nagoya University’s Yuken, Hokkaido University’s Ito Lab and Yamamoto Group, Osaka University’s Ogoshi Lab, and Kyoto University’s Nakao Lab!

On the other hand, Mr. Jun seemed to have participated in the social gathering held at the co-op and received a photo.


Thank you to everyone!

Besides that, my own personal story, I was able to meet Takuya Kosukegawa, a high school classmate of mine! He belongs to the Takao laboratory of Tokyo Tech. Let’s work hard together!



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