Organometallic discussion 2016

The 63rd Organometallic Symposium was held for 3 days until today at Nishiwaseda Campus.

Photos with people who visited Yamaguchi Lab. Later on for the conference (here).

The top figure shows visitors from Nagoya University. From the Itami Laboratory, Hideto Ito, Assistant Professor Jun Murakami, Shuya Yamada (M2), Yuta Yano (M2), Kazutaka Matsuoka (M1), and Jun Kinoshita (contract researcher). Mr. Yano came during a polymer debate in Yokohama. After that, Yuna Araki (M2) from Yui Laboratory (Oki Group). Thank you for visiting and the delicious Nagoya souvenirs!

Next, Dr. Nogi and Shinya Otsuka (D1) from Yoko Laboratory, Kyoto University. Nogi is the same batch with Dr. Muto. Thank you for the Mochi!




In addition, a special assistant professor from Nambo, Nagoya University, ITbM of Crudden group. The first PhD student of Itami Lab.




At the smoking area, two more visitors are found. Prof. Makoto Yamashita from Chuo University (going to Nagoya soon) and Assistant Professor Takanori Iwabuchi from Kobe Lab, Osaka University. Isshiki’s face looks terrible.




In addition, Miyauchi-kun who works at Mitsui Chemicals also visited.  Fuka-chan Asako.



Lastly, Ms. Eiko Senda of the Yamaguchi Shigeru laboratory, Nagoya visited us on the last day even though she should have attended the Society of Polymer Science. I got a Tokyo souvenir (bitter smile)! Then, we went together to a ramen shop.




In conclusion, Yamaguchi Laboratory is always open to all visitors. Please drop by anytime.


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山口 潤一郎

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