Won the First place in Springer!

Everyone, do you still remember this picture?(here

A photo contest organized by Springer Japan and as a result of advertisement and votes from many people,….!

Thanks to all of you, we have won the first place! ! ! Click here for evidence! ↓

Although it was a draw with the Itami Laboratory but in the end, we won the first place. Thanks to the votes from people of Waseda University and other universities.

Everyone, thank you very much!

A few days later, the New Year Card and money have arrived. This feels like New year.

Just turned 28 years old and able to receive New Year’s money makes me feel a little more warm-hearted. The gift contains 5,000 yen AMAZON gift certificate.

A click.


Finally, thanks to Springer Japan for organizing the project, Itami Laboratory who fought a fierce battle to the end and everyone who voted above all. Thank you very much!

(Click) Ah, Jun-san immediately….

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