Asako’s punishment game

Did you know that recently there is a lot of gluttonous pictures in Lab instagram?

I am sure many people will wonder what kind of pictures are this, it is actually a punishment game.

In the Yamaguchi Lab, everyone must go to the lab at 9.30 am everyday and it is the only rule. If you overslept and are late, the penalty count will increase to 1 and if it reaches 2, you will have to do the punishment game (and that’s what it is done recently).

The days have become colder and become sleepy so I overslept. Because of that reason I have to do the game.

So, I did several punishment game before which I could not remember but this is the biggest punishment of them all. The previous punishment game was “failing to get first place in entrance exam

First of all, we challenged the “Sukiya’s Pork Bowl King”. I have ever eaten the beef bowl (king size) so I tried again. I thought I could do it but somehow the noodles (ramen) I’ve eaten during lunch wasn’t digested. Punishment game is repeated again. If it fails, Isshiki will be very happy. Kei-san also ate the beef bowl king prime in a punishment game but it was a perfect finish.

As a revenge match, we challenged to “10 McDonald’s Hamburgers”. Because McDonald’s general election changed from Double Cheese Burger to “Triple Cheese Burger”, it is the best punishment game to go for. The original plan was to eat in the store but gave up in the middle of it. The rest of the burgers I brought back to the lab and the rest I lost consciousness while eating.


Although, this article look like a Youtuber but I am so reluctant to show an image like this because it is not a good thing. I will try not to make this mistake again and write a more interesting article for blogs. (haha)

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卒業生。この1年で7キロ増量!! ださいたま出身。



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