Noodle Festival!

I have not forgotten about the event that happened a month ago. One of the seniors was sneaking high-quality meat when we are absent and eat it in secret.

So this time! The day before summer vacation when a power outage or water outage happened and no senior was present! We open up the ramen souvenirs from Jun-san and Asako-san. Souvenirs were from Young Peptide Summer Study Group which is Nagasaki Champon and Kakuniman and Taiwan Ramen from other souvenirs! (Reason we opened was actually due to less people and expiration date is soon)

First is Nagasaki Champon.

I thought it would have been a little too boiled, but it was very delicious. Nagasaki Champon with lots of vegetables and seafood.

Next is Kakuniman.
I left it outside without refrigeration.

There are 8 participants in today’s noodle festival. Since it is only 5 pieces, I divided it into half for everybody. And then 2 pieces were leftover so Rock- Paper- Scissors tournament was made for those who want to eat. Kei-san, Komatsuda-san, Okita-san played the tournament. Mr. Okita and I wins!! It was super delicious.

The last is Taiwan ramen.
Based on the motto of “Noodles are not too boiled” learned at Nagasaki Champon, we made a 4 minute boil for 1 minute 30 seconds. Finished with exquisite noodle hardness. And moderate hotness! The chopsticks move forward. I had a rice cake in the bowl.

You can eat delicious food and start a very good summer vacation.
I want to play and have fun and enjoy the summer vacation, and experiment with the summer vacation!!

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