Participated in the Young Organometallics Summer School!

From August 7 to 9, I participated in the “50th Summer Meeting for Young Organometallics“.

Every year, this summer school is held especially for young researchers in the field of Organometallics.


The venue was at “Hotel Milione” in Jozankei, a hot spring town in Sapporo, Hokkaido. About 200 young researchers have gathered. Click here for for more details.


A total of 10 professors and 3 young scientists gave lectures for three days.

I gained a lot of knowledge which are related to my research such as catalytic reaction development and complex synthesis and etc.

Poster presentation was held for two days and my turn to present is the second day.

There were so many questions about dcypt. Maybe because there was an advertising page for Kanto Chemical ..?

There was a social drinking party at night for both days. Although, I was alone from Yamaguchi Lab and I didn’t have many acquaintances but I was able to interact with various students.


Mr. Yasunobu Oki, D2 of Nakao Lab and Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi, D3 of Ikugo Lab invited me to the second party and visited the teacher’s room. I was quite nervous but it was a very valuable experience.

Furthermore,  I didn’t have any free time but I was able to take a walk with my roommate around the hotel for a short time..

Probably it is because its precious Hokkaido, I was able to enjoy the beautiful view and went for sightseeing before and after the conference. I felt that sometimes it is fun to travel alone and I feel good.

It is my first time going to a conference outside of Tokyo and it was quite a relaxing meeting. From this experience, I am more motivated to push myself to work hard in my research. Next year, the conference might be in Nara and I wish to introduce Yamaguchi Lab!

Finally, I would like to thank the teachers and students of Hokkaido University for planning, preparing and operating such a wonderful young society.

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