Experimenting a famous reaction won in Nobel prize with Middle and High school students

Previous days, August 5 and 6, there was an open campus of Waseda University. Continuing from last year, I am in charge of the practical experiment, a special project of the Department of Applied Chemistry!

The theme is the same as previous year which is the cross-coupling reaction, “Let’s experience manufacturing at the molecular level using the Nobel Prize reaction“.

I am also excited about the first cross-coupling reaction! I even did a image training yesterday. Lol!

On the day, the practical experiment was so popular that only 30 junior and senior high school students were able to get the numbered ticket per day.

During the experiment, I was able to see everyone’s laughing and surprise faces and also I was able to enjoy it with all the junior and senior high school students.

Chemistry is so fun! High interest in Chemistry! I hope the number of children will increase more. We look forward to the possibility that a genius chemist will be born and receive the Nobel Prize! So I’m looking forward to the future !! (I must do my best …!)

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