Rishiri Island & Rebun Island

Hello. This is Tomoaki Takahara of B4.

It is a summer vacation for everyone and I think everyone is enjoying the summer,

「I have nothing to do after this…」

「I want to do something that can only be done during college」

「I am free」

There might be some people like this.

This time, I would like to introduce Rishiri Island and Rebun Island, which I have traveled so far.

If you are interested, please consider traveling m (_ _) m.

Rishiri Island

Rishiri Island is about 2 hours by ferry from Wakkanai, the northernmost land in Japan. It is famous for Rishiri kelp.

There are two types of ferry ports: Oshidomari and Kutsugata. I stayed near the anchorage but those who wish to climb the mountain is also recommended. There was also a convenient store and a home center so I was able to rest slowly during my stay.

Ironically, Hokkaido being a remote island has several convenient stores and facilities.

The first thing I can see from the ferry is Mt. Rishiri which is one of Japan’s top 100 mountains.


Since Rishiri Island is located in the center of the island, you can see it from anywhere on the island. The photo below is Mount Rishiri seen from Himenuma. I personally like this one.



Ofcourse, you can climb any mountains here because there are one hundred famous mountains.

On the way to the trail, there is Kanrosen water which is one of Japan’s top 100 waters so you can conquer both Japan’s northernmost 100 mountains and 100 waters. At the mountain area, the water is known to be Japan’s top 100 and it is so refreshing. No Echinococcus and naturally clean.

There was no toilet from the base to the top, so it was fresh to have a disposable toilet.

So far, I have only talked about Rishiri Island but there are other good feature about Rishiri Island.

For example, cycling. There is a cycling trail on the island and there are some hotels where you can rent bicycles.

I remember that it was around 50-60 km long so if you wish to cycle around, please feel free to do so.

In the evening of a sunny day, I recommend everyone to climb the sunset hill observatory. As the name suggests, you can see a very beautiful sunset. Although I did not upload it here but I have posted amazing picture of Mt. Rishiri basked in the sunset.


That is the end of Rishiri Island. I will introduce Rebun Island next.

Rebun Island

While Rishiri Island has a round shape, Rebun Island has a shape like a grain of rice.

It is famous for its beautiful flowers so many people came to visit and do hiking around June.

Another famous youth hostel is Momoiwaso YH. “Stay up late on Monday” was introduced in programs that people often watch.

There are many hiking trails on the island because of its famous hiking.

There are a wide range of things for children and adults that can be easily used to those that require proper equipment.

I think everyone will enjoy if they come here.

In addition, Rebun Island has Cape Scotton, the “most northern land”. ((Note) The northernmost point is Cape Soya.)

Although it was defeated by Cape Soya at Latitude, it was overwhelmed by the encounter rate with seals.

This is recommended if you want to see wild seals.

Personally, I love the food served at Rebun Island. Sea urchin was served at my accommodation (not a fan of sea urchin) but when I taste the sea urchin, I became so addicted to it. So, I went to the souvenir shop to buy but it was a bit expensive so I could not eat it anytime soon….

This is the end of the Rebun Island.


As you can see from the picture above, Rishiri Island and Rebun Island are a definition of


Traveling to a country or a place gives a different purpose to each and everyone but for people who love nature, I would recommend this beautiful Hokkaido.

Here is a little Q & A.

Q.How to get there?

A. Cheap and time-saving way (I just found out).

  1. Night departure LCC from Narita Airport to New Chitose Airport
  2. From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo by subway.
  3. From Sapporo to Wakkanai by night bus.
  4. After arriving in Wakkanai early in the morning, take the ferry to Rebun Island or Rishiri Island.

Although, it is a trip that lasted for 2 days and 0 nights, I managed to reached Tokyo within 12 hours.

Night buses are the best because it can change sleeping time to travel time.


Q. How much did I spent?

A. If you prefer time-saving and using a jet ◯ tar etc., you can save money by using airplane from Narita to Shin Chitose for under 5000 yen one way (Late August and September were very cheap)

For, Rishiri Island, I was able to use less than 3000 yen a day by staying overnight without using a shared room and a free kitchen space.

There are available inns so if you prepare your own meals, you don’t have to pay for food.


Q. Is being alone safe?

A. There were quite a few people who came alone and I had stayed for 6 days (same experience). It is recommended for traveling alone because it is a shared guest room. In my case, I met my high school friend by accident at the inn where I stayed so we went climbing Rishiri together. It may be a bit worrisome but I think it is fun to travel alone because there are unexpected encounters.

That is the end of my island recommendation for now.

Thank you for reading my blog till the end.


The first photo is Murasaki sea urchin and Bahun sea urchin which was collected in Rishiri Island.

Bafuni sea urchin was found by chance.

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