Subway Seminar 2017 @ Tokyo University of Science

On 26th August 2017, I have participated in the subway seminar at Tokyo University of Science. Last year, I participated the same subway seminar too, please see here.

This year, it was held at Tokyo University of Science sponsored by the same university and Kawai Research Institute. This year, a total of 15 Yamaguchi Lab members (later +1) boarded! Dr. Terao’s lecture was very interesting and I was also particularly  impressed by other Ph.D students’s presentation. I wish I can present so easily and clearly.

Break time! We went to Iidabashi for lunch at a restaurant which was close to Jun-san’s old school. Divided and decided here! This ramen shop called Ichi raku was recommended by Okita-san’s junior Tsujida. It was delicious but personally I felt that ramen in Takadanobaba taste better! Haha!

Now, the lecture has ended, and we have moved on to poster presentation. Since it is B4 first time doing poster presentation, I am not sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Mr. Isshiki, Mr. Ohkita, and Mr. Komatsuda were actively explaining the contents of their research by attracting people to their posters! I gradually became accustomed to the work I am supposed to do by looking at my seniors, I made some friends with students from Hiyama Lab, famous for the Hiyama Coupling!

Next year will be hosted by Yamaguchi Lab! I feel a lot of pressure now … lol

The seminar was over so I went home … ! ! But there is a second party!

At the second party, Yamaguchi Lab do some introduction and introduced their own personality! The fun time passed away in no time.

Well then time to go home … !! But no, off to the third party!

Miki House of B3 joined the third drinking party!! It is admirable for this B3 to come all the way for subway seminar. I want to drink more without losing and B4 lets not lose to her!

Thank you very much Dr. Kawai for providing this very valuable opportunity.

Again, next year subway seminar will be hosted by Ken Yamaguchi! Everyone are welcome! We are looking forward to seeing all ! ! !

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