Lecture held at Library exhibition

On the next month, 10th November, I will give a lecture at an event held in Yokohama called the Library Exhibition. There are academic conferences and lectures which will be held and presentation on research will be based on simple talk. However, this is the first time to have a lecture with the theme of “utilization of electronic academic materials”. We had a talk from Springer Nature because Waseda University has a good view of electronic academic materials and since I am also running a chemistry website. It’s quite busy, but I can get to know people who I don’t usually know and I am able to enjoy it because it’s a good experience. Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis and applications have started last week but it seems that they are already half full. If you are interested, please come.

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2016年で第18回目を数える図書館関連で国内最大のイベントです。図書館運営者・関連業界とコンタクトをもつのに最大かつ最良の機会であるだけでなく、読書・学習・研究環境についての最新技術と知見が一堂に会する場でもあります。 昨今、図書館の機能や役割が、まちづくりにも、教育や文化全般にも寄与することを評価されているため、行政関係者、教育関係者、出版をはじめとするメディア・情報関連業を巻き込むイべントに成長しています。とくに今年は「公共施設複合化フェア」を併催し、図書館を超えた公共施設全体の企画に携わる皆さまにも有効な情報が提供できるよう企画をすすめております。

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