Lecture at Chemical Society of Japan

Yesterday I gave a lecture at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan. It is held at Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus.

A session called “Visualization and Chemical Communication” by the Japan Chemical Society and the Society of Chemical Engineering. I was there as a representative of Chem station not my research. In 2012, I received a chemical communication award from the Japan Chemistry Union. I had never attended the annual meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan so I decided to take a peek but it took almost 20 minutes.

On the day of the event, it was raining a bit so I decided to go to the venue by car. The campus is a large modern building and is located in a group of buildings in Toyosu. The inside was also beautifully covered with glass. However, there is no parking lot for such a large site. So, I parked at the lot of the next building.

The meeting started with a lecture by Shinichi Nakao, Chairman of the Japan Chemistry Union. 

I think there were many stories that I would like to know more about the name of chemical engineering so I would like to implement various strategies. If you’re a researcher, you should do your best to study brightly and leave outreach to a specialist.

On that evening, there was “Graduation thesis + Komatsuda welcome drinking party” so I did not attend the gathering party.  If I have the chance to attend the party next time, I wish to take a look at different sessions slowly.

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