Asahara & Hisada executed punishment game

Hi, this is Asahara from B4. Thank you to all the readers who have been reading Yamaguchi Laboratory blog.

Do you remember the article I wrote a month ago?

If we do not get the scores we promised, we will have to do punishment game. So..

”If I do not get first place, I will drink Misokura ’s Orochon Ramen Danger!”

And so I have proclaimed that when I was drunk

Result is…

4th place…

I am very happy that I passed the graduate exam but a punishment game has been decided! That’s why I started to shed tears the moment I turned 21 years old.

That’s why on July 18, we played a punishment game with Hisada-kun who became another punishment game.

The stage is at Miso warehouse in Higashi Shinjuku.

If anyone see our Instagram, you might know that I have eaten fire orochon ramen here before and my stomach feels like its burning and now I am really afraid.

Fortunately, this store is close to the campus and there is a convenience store on the way so I bought yogurt to drink because the internet said it is good to drink one before eating. So I bought it and went to the battlefield.



I actually wanted to eat normal delicious ramen … I bought a ticket for a Danger and waited until it arrived.



After 10 minutes, Orochon Ramen Danger arrived at my table. (top photo)

I think the spiciness will be spread even though I have not eaten.



Even this! I felt severe pain the instant the noodle entered my mouth and lips even though it is somewhat relieved by the yogurt coating which I drank.

Even Hisada-kun who loves spicy food said「My best record for spicy food」😱


Here, I am going to use my strategy from experiences at the fire food, ‘before my stomach burns, I will extinguish it in my mouth first’. This strategy was successful and managed to eat noodles.

However, my declaration is “Danger drinks!” If you don’t drink the soup with chili the pain will ends faster. After eating the noodles, I put my chopsticks for about 3 minutes and think hard whether to go forward or give up.

In the meantime, another idea came up.

Is it better if I use a spoon to feed the soup quickly into my mouth?

After thinking about it, I put the soup in my mouth and after 15 minutes, I was able to finish the soup.



Hisada-kun’s stomach was filled with water and the soup was not even finish, but he successfully eaten all the noodles!

But after finish eating, we both ended up with very bad stomachache.


In the end, we both managed to finish them successfully and I honestly feel I will faint from pain if I were to do danger again. (ha)

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