Oh! Lets go to public bath (Fukunoyu)

Nice to meet you. I’m Matsushita from Yamaguchi Laboratory.

If you work hard in the summer, you will tend to sweat a lot.

It’s tedious and sticky → I can’t concentrate on the experiment easily → Stressfu

In such condition, let’s take a bath and refresh!

In my case, I usually use a university shower but sometimes I went to a public bath with M1 Okita-kun and Komatsuda-kun because I wanted to extend my feet and soak in the water.

The public path is called “Fuku no Yu” near Takadanobaba Station.


It is a public bath that is famous for its many animals and is often introduced on TV.

After soaking in the bathtub comfortably, I was able to play with the lovely animals.

Now that I was able to refresh both my mind and body, I will continue to do my best to experiment ~ ♪

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