Ramen around Waseda University Part 4

Two months have passed since the last Ramen article. Perhaps some of you who read the blog may like this topic the most but I did not eat much ramen nowadays. Just love eating food!

I would like to introduce a lot here.

Himawari tsukemen

Around the university, there is a set restaurant where meat and potatoes are delicious but there is also a shop called sunflower with delicious tsukemen. Although it is a tsukemen shop, I found the word “Yura soba” in front of the ticket machine. The lemon vinegar that comes with it has a good taste and adding chili oil is delicious too.. Although it is a “tsukemen restaurant”, I will order abura soba from this store. Satisfied!


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Musashino Abura society

Abura soba (Oil buckwheat noodle) part 2. Last time, my student introduced “hyori”, a ramen shop and this time, he recommends this new restaurant. On Sunday, I went alone by bicycle because it is a bit far from Nishiwaseda. Sorry lab guys for not bringing you!

My first impression when I arrived was the seats are too narrow. The soba noodles are sloppy but the taste was just nice. It was different from the oil soba that I had imagined but I quite like it. I will go there again if I have the opportunity.

スクリーンショット 2016-07-30 23.30.23

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Suehiro ramen Honpo

I went here alone again during the holidays. I was thinking about going to a ramen shop a little farther away so I went around Takadanobaba by bicycle. It is a chain store originated from Kyoto. The taste of the noodle is the same as chinese soba noodles as I imagined, but the point is that the onions are all-you-can-eat. The taste is also suitable for a drinking party and next time, I would like to go with everyone in the lab. Photos taken before adding onions.
スクリーンショット 2016-07-30 23.31.01

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Garasha (Maze soba) (mixed noodles)

This is the first Mazesoba shop I am going to introduce. Cheap price for 500 yen only. Not bad, but the taste fits the price, 500 yen. The last ramen was more delicious.

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Ramen Yoshimaru

A ramen shop that has expanded from Saitama. When I requested for large quantity of noodles, the shop clerk asked, “Are you sure you can eat everything? Do not leave any leftovers.” I said, “Don’t worry”. My first taste was like uhmmm and sometimes there are days like this.  If it was tsukemen, it might have been delicious. For some reason, there were many foreign customers in the store.

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Tokyo Meibutsu Abura soba (Nishi Shinjuku branch)

On Sunday, I went to Shinjuku Yodobashi for shopping and I stopped by here, My first impression is “This is not a Tokyo specialty.”

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Meatball Soba Otodo (Koenji branch)

A man named Ramen Walker introduced this noodle to me. I went on a train during the holiday just to have this meatball soba which is the same as the pork bowl that I loved in Nagoya. However, the taste was completely different from what I had expected and I felt sad.

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Nakamoto Arctic

This is the store I introduced last time. This extremely hot ramen called the North Pole is overwhelmingly famous.  It was spicy but it was delicious. However, I regret not being able to drink up the soup. I’m still going to do my best.

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Ezogiku Ramen Totsuka-ten

It seems that this miso ramen shop has been operating for 50 years. That’s what it means to continue for a long time in the fierce ramen battle zone of Tokyo. It was very delicious and I am very satisfied.


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Yaro ramen

From the name itself, I anticipated that it would be Jiro ramen but it was totally different. The store clerk has a very low back and the taste was light.

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Shichifukuya Shinjuku

I went to the Okubo area alone to this shop. At that time, Pokemon GO was popular and so I found this shop using an app called Ramen map. Not even one customer was present at 7 pm, I thought this is so weird. Then I taste the ramen and I finally understood.

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Menya Yu

It is called “Yuzuke”. A famous ramen shop at Hyakuincho’s specialty. I ordered pork bone soup soy sauce ramen. The taste of the double-soup was delicious and the most popular ramen of this shop was seafood miso ramen. Seafood miso ramen was eaten before by Jun-san. Next time, I will surely eat that when its freshly served.

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In this 4 months, I went to nearly 40 shops but there are some ramen which I have not visited yet. This area is amazing! People around me are catching pokemon but we are focused on getting ramen.

Last but not least, thank you to the store staffs for the meal!

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