Lab assignment exercise drinking party

On August 2nd, B3 lab assignment exercise drinking party. Once the date was decided, I went for a drink with them.

The new eight members coming into Yamaguchi Lab seems like to chemistry a lot. I am looking forward to experimenting with them next year. I want to do my best in winning Waseda Boro.

During the first round of drinking party, Asako-kun who performed “turmeric doping” at the first meeting was in great condition. His drinking image is always failing to stay awake after drinking but as a senior’s pride, he drank twice as usual. I look forward to future drinking parties.

The second party was held in the laboratory and anyone can come. The other day, I ordered an extraordinary sake called “Dassai sono saki” for “tens of thousands of yen” and I enjoyed it very much. I am not sure how delicious it is, I will just leave it to my imagination.

I did not have the chance to speak to many people this time but I hope we can get along more in the next events.

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