Do you know “e-ma candy”?

Hello everyone! I am Hisada from B4.

The other B4 have already written some articles so it is not “Nice to meet you”, but I’m Taro Mogusa and I have not written a blog so far. You might know me from the article written by Asahara-kun which is eating danger.

Orochon ramen’s danger was so painful….

Aside from super-spicy ramen like Orocheon Ramen Danger, I like spicy food and also sweet foods and always keep them in my bag. Candy is a convenient snack because it is perfect for replenishing sugar and relatively long-lasting.

There is a candy called “e-ma throat candy”.

e-ma throat candy means


E-ma throat candy is sold from UHA Mikakuto. You may have seen a characteristic round container and spherical jade in a convenience store. As for the taste, there is no menthol cooling at all unlike the general image of a throat candy. These are candies that are rich in Vitamin C and sweetened with xylitol.


The e-ma throat candy has a smooth surface and is not sticky so your hands do not get dirty even in hot weather. Also, it is packed in a round and colorful containers that look interesting and are convenient to carry.

However, the biggest feature of e-ma throat candy is its rich variety of flavors.

There is actually a wide variety of e-ma throat candy.


First is the fruit flavor. From this picture, you can see that there are many strawberry flavors (tastes are different).


There are also drinks-like flavors and more. Not only the common cola taste but also unique taste like coffee and tea so you can enjoy them.


Sometimes there are collaboration between the candy and cartoon characters. At the time, I am writing this blog (July 21, 2017), e-ma throat candy collaborated with Disney characters which are sold at some convenience stores.

ディズニーツムツムのe-ma のど飴にはシールが付いてきました。

And what I can only say is that only e-ma throat has different flavors changed every time. Apparently, the e-ma throat candy seems to have several layers surrounding the fragile center and it seems that these 7 layers all have different tastes. Some of them change to a taste of 7 or more, so you can enjoy them a lot.


As you can see, there are many types of flavors of e-ma throat candy. If there is such taste and colorful container, most people will have the urge to collect them. As you may have noticed, I am an e-ma throat candy collector and currently have 32 types of e-ma throat.



Unfortunately, some of them have expired already but I am able to enjoy them by just looking at the container, so it’s fun.

I think of myself as “the person who collects the most varieties of e-ma throats in the world“, but in addition to these 32 types, e-ma throats which are released so far have been increasing more. But, as long as a new taste keeps debuting, my e-ma throat collection continues to grow.

I was very enthusiastic about writing my first article and starts off with a “Nice to meet you” greeting. After reading my blog, I hope that readers will be able to convey the goodness of e-ma throat to the people they are close with.

As described above following the Tea story by Kayashima-kun, this article is about my recent addiction to candy and has nothing to do with research or research life and Chemistry.

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