Lecture held at Library exhibition

Last day, I gave a lecture at the Forum of Springer Nature Inc. at the Library Exhibition on the November 10th. Click here for details.こちら

Lecture by Pacifico Yokohama. The lecture was from 10:00 am so I thought I would go there early on that day. However, a nearby hotel was prepared the day before yesterday so I entered later (bitter smile).

Since I’m going to Yokohama, I decided to go on a drive the night before and eat at a family ramen shop. I have decided to go to a really famous store “Rokukakuya” at Rokukakubashi (Hakuraku near the station) which happens to be near the house I used to lived before.

When I arrived in front of the store, the same family ramen shop called “Torakichi Family” was found across this store. I think they are both competitive ramen shops so I went to take a look and saw quite a few customers eating there.



I was thinking for a quite some time on where to go. Then, I chose “Torakichi Family” because I have never been there before.


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The taste was the best among all the family ramen shop. The soy sauce taste is strong and completely different from the creamy Tsuboya system. The noodles were exquisite, although the char siu smelled a little stiff and was not good. I was satisfied with this even though I wanted to go to the hotel but since I came here, I decided to go to the Rokkakuya instead. . When I looked into it, there were no customers. I thought it was closed, but it still seems to be open. When I bought a ticket and get inside, it smells a bit like a pork bone. Ramen arrived immediately because there was only one customer.


関連ランキング:ラーメン | 東白楽駅白楽駅東神奈川駅

A typical family ramen taste. I have eaten it several times and know the taste very well. When I first ate, it smells so bad (pork smell) and I can only taste oil. Then I tried the noodles is “Omg it is so bad!”, “scratch that, it is worse than bad, it is disgusting.

Then I drink for the second time, it was so hard to even swallow them. Apparently, when I searched about it, it seemed that the menu had changed considerably and it was a completely different ramen. My mood becomes bad as I walk back to the hotel feeling down.

Later, when I was thinking about ramen at the hotel, my work still continues to progress.

Now, it is going to be just another ramen article so now going back to the main aim of this story. The lecture hall is rather huge. The application seemed to exceed the capacity and the venue soon became full. It took more than a day for me to prepare the power point slides with the title “utilization of electronic academic materials” because this is the first time for me presenting such topic. The audiences are librarians, corporate, academics and publishers. I did an introduction on how to use electronic academic materials for real researchers and managed to end it successfully. Pictures below are photos of the part of my presentation because I will probably not use it anymore.

It was a good experience. Ate lunch and return to the university. I think I have wrote more detailed informations about ramen. In fact, the next day (10th), I have another lecture at the Process Chemical Society. I did several things in the middle of the night so I will start making the slides on the real day…. (to be continue).

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