Second Otsu Conference Joint Research Presentation

There was a joint research presentation at the Otsu Conference from September 11th to 12th.

What is the “Otsu Conference”?

It started with the recognition that “synthetic training of true leaders comes from an early stage”. It is essential for Japan’s organic synthetic chemistry to continue to lead the world in the future (from the Otsu Conference website).

(Organization committee members: Nao Yamamoto, Masakatsu Shibasaki, Keiji Maruoka, Kunio Suzuki)

For more details, here.

This is the seventh time to have this conference and the number of members exceeded 100 people.

This time around 40 of them held joint research presentations at Otsu Prince Hotel.

I won’t go into details but the standard is really high and many of the most interesting things in this academic society’s three chans were very stimulating.

This conference is for 2 days, The two-day round discussion included a group presentation of a “skilled research proposal”.
I’ve been preparing since the middle of August but it is quite difficult to tackle and a bit overwhelming because of lack of time.

Listen to discussions in your team and presentations from other teams! It was a valuable experience that I can pick up from “Otsu Conference”.

Teachers of the organizing committee members gave very strict comments at the end of the meeting. Fighting!

I think that this Otsu conference is becoming an inevitable group for students who want to work as young researchers in the future.

Rather than just a gathering, projects such as this is a good stimulus and increasing in brain thinking. There are certain things that cannot be obtained only in the same laboratory. If you want to participate, express your intention to participate to your boss.

Only one good picture was taken. Good work to everyone!


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