Thank you for all your souvenirs! Soki Soba, Gyutan & Sushi Party!

August is Summer Vacation. Everyone went to various places and bought sooooooooo many souvenirs. Thanks to that, I hope Asahara Kitty can make many friends. How many friends can you make this year?


In September, the academic season has arrived. Organometallic Chemistry Symposium was held in Sendai and Synthetic Organic Chemistry Seminar was held in Kanazawa. Mr. Kei, Mr. Komatsuda and Mr. Isshiki participated in the organometallic chemistry debate and Mr. Isshiki participated in the organic synthetic chemistry seminar.

So this time, let’s eat together the souvenirs that everyone bought together with the sake without fighting (just because I want to eat)! A drinking party was held.

Today’s main…..

Rough tasting soki soba that Asako bought from his trip to Okinawa

Beef tongue bought by Kei, Komatsuda and Isshiki in Sendai
Miso sushi that Mr. Isshiki bought in Kanazawa (it seems to be a local dish of Toyama), miso soup with nodoro and kintsuba.

The beef tongue was the best! ! ! It’s thick and soft. Soki soba, salmon sushi and kintsuba were also very delicious. Nodoguro miso soup was given after a drinking party. Miso soup after liquor after drinking is always the cure for my hangover.

I wonder if the photos convey the deliciousness and fun …
This drinking party is a kiss! Kiss! Kiss! As you can see in the picture. Stable Isshiki-san ad Asako-san, Asahara Kitty, Kayashima and Takahara-kun are doing great! It was a fun (disastrous?) Drinking party.

Thank you to everyone who bought souvenirs! ! (I look forward for more souvenirs from now on.)

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