The 34th Organic Synthetic Chemistry Seminar

I participated in a seminar on synthetic organic chemistry held at Kanazawa Bunka Hall from September 12th to 14th.

It was a very large seminar with over 200 participants. I was very impressed that there were more participants from companies compared to other young associations.

The fields of lectures and poster presentations were wide and it was very interesting. There were a variety of contents ranging from our own research to topics which we had never studied.

In particular, lectures in the peptide field and industrialization found new discoveries which was very impressive.

At dinner and social gatherings, I was able to hear the story behind the research from corporate researchers and teachers from other universities. I was very nervous but it was a very profitable meeting.

At the second drinking party, I was able to make many connections from people in the same batch as me to doctoral students.

I think there will be many opportunities in academic societies and in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Society, teachers and students from Kanazawa University who planned, prepared and operated such a meaningful seminar.

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