Visits from Mitamura-san and Araki-san

On the 21stMitamura-san and Araki-san from OB Itami Laboratory visited our lab. Mitamura-san has been working for a major chemical manufacturer in Tokyo after completing her master’s degree. Araki-san is currently in her second year as a major chemical manufacturer in Kashima after completing master’s degree in my group. Sometimes, I do meet up with Itami’s OB Kanto team but this is the first time they came directly to meet me and my team.

Thank you for the delicious donuts and cakes. Some was from Mitamura-san’s safe delivery celebration.

This visit also serves as a celebration for Araki’s paper published a year ago. Since a long time ago, its been a tradition that researchers and their collaborators will enjoy a nice dinner together for the accomplishment of publishing a paper, I wanted to eat grilled meat (meaning it wasn’t yakiniku) but for some reason I went to a restaurant called “Takumi” in Intercontinental Tokyo Bay in Takeshiba.


The review in the table log was not good but it is actually quite delicious. The vegetables were especially delicious and the meat was grilled at a certain level (bitter smile).



After that, we went to drink at Shimbashi and say our goodbyes.

P.S. Looking at my blog, people who has published paper and wish to eat something, please tell me (haha).

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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