Sunday ramen

Hi, I’m Nakayama from B4.

I recently decided to go out to explore on Sunday and went to eat ramen fro lunch. Because my favorite food is ramen. I never get tired of three meals of ramen. After lunch, I had a 7-Eleven cup Nakamoto for dinner. Blame my bad eating habits.

So, I will introduce the ramen I have recently eat. (Its a bit nerve-wrecking to write another ramen article on this blog because so many ramen articles were written already)


A shop on the school road from my home to the university. I have always wanted to try this restaurant before entering the university but I did not get the chance to. After entering university, it was my first visit to this restaurant after 4 years.

I heard that this shop uses boiled and dried noodles but I was imagining a boiled and dried boiled fish so I was able to eat it deliciously. It suits my taste just right.

I also love tsukumen and it is delicious too.

関連ランキング:ラーメン | 落合駅中井駅下落合駅

Shiro juji Shokudou

This is the ramen I ate when I visited Shirakawa City for a performance tour of the Glee Club I belong to.

To be honest, it taste like any ordinary soy sauce ramen. I could not feel the local ramen feeling at all but I was satisfied because it brings back memories of eating in a cafeteria unlike the city.

関連ランキング:定食・食堂 | 白河駅

Ushibone Ramen (main store)

A comfort food to eat at the transfer station when returning home. I visited first because I was attracted by the beef stock. Because the price was high, I felt that it was good to change to “yaki beef” and not a grilled pork. However, I am satisfied because of the perfect combination of the unusual beef soup stock and the noodles.

関連ランキング:ラーメン | 北千住駅牛田駅京成関屋駅

Menya Hashimoto

I went a little further to a restaurant located at Nakano. For my first visit, I chose irregular spicy noodle.

The spiciness and the strong taste of the ramen is a big hit for me. I was able to enjoy the refreshing spiciness that seemed to be using Malaysian peppers. I would like to try ordinary ramen next time.

関連ランキング:ラーメン | 中野駅新井薬師前駅沼袋駅

Shinagawa Chinese noodles

I went to try because it was highly rated at a gourmet website. It taste good and I didn’t get tired of eating it all. If this place is near the university. I will visit them every once or twice a month.

関連ランキング:ラーメン | 要町駅椎名町駅


I stopped by Nemu-an after visiting Bunkyo Civic Hall. I went there to listen to the Tokyo chorus contest. It was so delicious. Even in Takadanobaba which is said to be a ramen fierce battle zone, I don’t think there is a lot of light based ramen. It’s a bit disappointing for me who loves ramen. (By the way, Jiro ramen is also my favorite)

関連ランキング:ラーメン | 本郷三丁目駅春日駅水道橋駅

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