General cleaning + research presentation + Year-end party 2016 + Mukaiyama-kun visit

The other day on the 27th is the end of year’s research presentation, spring cleaning and end-of-year party. I was surprised  by how fast how time flies since I first opened this laboratory in April.

So, general cleaning starts from morning till 3 pm. We did cleaning of drafts, evaporator and manifolds to changing the oil in the vacuum pump and processing unnecessary reagents. Suddenly, Mukaiyama-kun came to visit and he is my junior from my school days. After several twists and turns, he is currently working for an American pharmaceutical venture. Before going back to each of their hometowns, I want my students to know their unique life so I have reward them with a drinking party. Come and get your delicious beer and America IPA.

Research presentation ends at around 4pm and 4 of people presented excluding me. Undergraduate students were there to see and observe the presentation since I have not teach them how to make power point slides yet. Everyone did their best and the results were good. The goal of the first year is how far will they go in research? It is a bit challenging but I feel the presenters are moving forward to their goals. Great! Mukaiyama-kun gave a short lecture after the research presentation. It was so interesting that I decided to ask him to come as guest lecturer next time. I also asked Chemstation if I can write one more article.

From 6.30 pm, the end-of-year party starts and held at “Ageya Takadanobaba Main store”. There is always a big signboard for dinner, and it’s a store I always wanted to visit. A year-end party with eight members of Yamaguchi Lab + Mukaiyama + Asako. This small group will probably not have a end-of-year party in the lab. Everyone got so high and excited that everyone forgot to take a photo so only 2 were taken.

The second party was held at the lab. A large amount of ramen received from Suzuki-san “Sumire” and “Tokushima Ramen” from Miyamura-san are still leftover so it is not possible to eat with small amount of people in the lab. Then, we all just decided why not share with this group of people and become a second drinking noodle party. Hosokawa-san who was busy with his student’s doctor, master, and undergraduates matter was abducted to the second drinking party. The best thing about Hosokawa-san is he tends to bring joy to the mood of the party. The atmosphere becomes more exciting.

At the end, this year is a very good year. I (and Asako) are going to work while listening to the bells of night-breaking and take very little rest. Have a good year everyone.


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