My love for Tea

Nice to meet you. I am Kayashima from B4. It is the first time so I will write a little bit about my favorite thing….

Normally, I am the type who gets thirsty easily so when I am thirsty I will always drink 500 mL PET tea. I usually like plastic bottle tea and can drink it without worrying about brands but I especially love Oolong tea! I feel at ease when I have a bottle of tea within reach. To be honest, I might be addicted.

My house has oolong tea and green tea in corrugated cardboard so I bring it every day from home. During holidays or when I am free, I would naturally walk to the refrigerator to drink a tea. So many 500 mL PET bottles will disappear at night.

In this article, I will introduce several types of tea based on my personal views.

Suntory Oolong Tea

This is a major oolong tea. The taste is simple and delicious. This brand are very cheap which is around 100 yen to 120 yen that are sold at the vending machines. But it taste slightly smelly and I don’ really like it. (I can drink it and it’s delicious…) I feel a sense of stability if it is not so cheap.

サントリー 烏龍茶 525ml×24本

サントリー 烏龍茶 525ml×24本

  • サントリー
  • 参考価格¥ 3,629
    価格¥ 2,268(2019/08/28 01:43時点)
  • 発売日2017/05/09
  • 商品ランキング6,611位


あなたのお茶 (Your tea)

Generally, it is sold at vending machines for 100 yen. I remember that there were versions of green tea and oolong tea. It is sold also at the University shop. I said earlier that cheap tea is not good at all but neither green tea nor oolong tea has strong smell. It costs 100 yen and the cospa is good. Unfortunately there are no photos of oolong tea …

サンガリア あなたのお茶 500ml×24本

サンガリア あなたのお茶 500ml×24本

  • サンガリア
  • 参考価格¥ 3,629
    価格¥ 1,392(2019/08/28 01:43時点)
  • 商品ランキング7,351位

Customer review

Green tea from the Co-op. I like this because it’s cheap, it feels moderately tidy, and it’s not persistent. I bought this box and have it at home but sometimes I take the tea to university. Sorry that I forgot to take a picture but if you are interested please check it out. Although it is redundant, I also like Oolong tea which is from the co-op because of its consistency. I have this stock too at home.


I also like green tea but recently I have not drank any of it so I went to a nice place to drink it. Below are some photos from the previous visits (Contents cannot be seen, sorry)

As mentioned above, there were only 3 types this time but I would like to talk about other brands if there are opportunities in the future. I wrote about soft drinks but I also love hard drinks. Ofcourse, Asako-san is not defeated to Ishikki-san. It is my first time writing so please support me!

Please excuse me…

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