Purchase of the first MacBook!

Yamaguchi Lab only uses no other computer brands except for MacBook.💻

We usually purchase one before enrolling into graduate school !😇

So I bought a new MacBook Pro version released last year.🎌

This article is written based on the MacBook. It is user-friendly and has wide varieties of emoticon to choose from,🎊

The resulting of rising specs as told by Asako😡, price is so amazing at 30,000円💸

AppleCare fees plus the price is more expensive than Jun’s computer.👺

I do not feel at ease using this but I’d like to do my best for 10 years with this computer.😤

Will it be time to use up the 1TB capacity?💾

[追記 2017年2月7日]

A campaign where you can get an 8500 yen gift card from the Apple Store right after I bought it (February 7) Sorry!

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