Isshiki’s unhealthy health record part 2

Last day, when I was compiling my experimental notes on my laptop, I suddenly lost half of my left eyesight.

I was very worried whether it will recover or not but luckily after 20-30 minutes I can see better. But to be safe, I left the laboratory early and went to the hospital.

When I stayed at home while waiting for the hospital’s reception to open, I had severe headaches and nausea. It was so difficult to walk so I took up a taxi and headed to the hospital.

「I feel very nauseated so please drive slowly.」

Although, I told the driver, he ignored the signals and suddenly accelerated and abruptly stopped.

On the way, I managed to arrive safely while thinking if the uncle is crazy or no. As a result, close examination such as MRI showed that I only have migraine. Finally, I have joined the group with a headache.

All the light from TVs, computers and smartphones to fluorescent lights and sunlight were prohibited so it is safe to recover after two days as long as I am in a dark room.

Next time, I wish to write a healthy me blog..

In the previous medical checkup, the medical expenses recorded in the 90s range were over 1000 points this time. However, the receipt is lost and the medical expenses benefit system is not received …


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