Welcome party for new students

The other day, a laboratory assignment was decided and three students were assigned to Yamaguchi Laboratory. In Waseda University, the students were usually assigned to a laboratory in fall semester and spent half a year studying and practise doing experiment. Previous years, the 3rd years do not know which laboratory they are going to be assigned to but 14 people were made to enter Hosokawa laboratory. A lecture and laboratory briefing session was held in the University for the 14 students. 3 students aimed to enter my laboratory (only maximum of 3 were allowed).

In the first year, the laboratory has just started up (the construction was not done yet), but the new laboratory have been decided for the three people. Five research themes were already discussed and I think it would be nice to assigned all the themes to respective students.

Therefore, I have assigned the themes to Asako, Ishiki and Okita, our fresh new 1styear students. A male cram school has been invented and they will start from zero in this lab!

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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