My memories and future thought during driving~

Hi, I am Kayashima of B4.

This is my third post since two months ago and I have been thinking of the theme of this article. Since, I have been writing about my favorite things and hobby, I think I will write about my third favorite thing.

My third hobby is driving. I love driving in a car alone and without thinking of a particular destination. The few spaces where you can relax by yourself are cars and you will have a blissful time driving with your favorite song played by the radio.

During this summer vacation, I drove with no plan using the state road. Along the national road across the prefecture and return to a certain degree and so on. I live in Saitama so I went to Gunma, Tokyo and Tochigi. It was my rule that I would never ride at high speed so I was able to relax without spending extra money.

Here are some photos from trip……

I have had several opportunities to go out with friends but at that time I was willing to work as a driver. Thanks to this, I have been able to drive to Kanetsu, Tohoku Expressway, Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, Aqua Line, Kyoto High Speed and so on. Moreover, I was able to gain sight of national roads by driving.

In the future, we are considering driving to Tomei Expressway and Sakai but it is a tough road that has attracted particular interest. As you may have heard of a rough road, it is a road with a poor road surface condition. The road could be narrow so its hard to control the speed. There are several nationwide road but I would like to drive on National Route 439, commonly known as “Yosaku“, in Shikoku. It was the one featured in NHK before. If you actually drive, I would like to recommend that road to you if I have the opportunity. See you soon.

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