JSPS Ikushi Prize Presentation (FY2017)

On September 5, there was a presentation event on Ikushi Prize and I went to do my presentation at the Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University.

What is Ikushi Prize?

An award from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to honor doctoral students based on the gifts received from the Emperor. JSPS website introduces it as follows.

「In order to raise the desire to study research and to train young researchers by awarding excellent graduate doctoral students who are expected to contribute to the development of academic research in Japan in the future. Therefore, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science was established in 2010.」

Please see the website for more details. I won this award in FY2015.
This time, it was a presentation in front of successive winners so I went to Osaka on the Shinkansen feeling nervous.

And before that, I went to eat ramen at the World’s most enjoyable ramen shop, Osaka. Umauma.

I arrived at the venue and reached after 5 minutes walk after eating ramen (with zero tension).
Apparently, the presentation was only 7 minutes. Since there was a prior contact with 10 minutes including the shift time, I was preparing for 9 minutes.
Was I informed? (Everyone thought the same). When I checked the e-mail again, the material I got the first time was surely “Time changed to 3 minutes”.
Since I have submitted the presentation slide, I just quickly changed my scripts.
The presentation was a little longer by 15 seconds but ended somehow. I talked very quickly with few chemists and I was very eager. A total of 13 people did their presentation when I was reflecting on myself and then the oral presentation ended in more than 40 minutes. After all, I do not need to change to fit the 3 minutes frame.

After this, there was also a poster presentation and I was inspired by the research of other winners (none chemistry except me). It’s really interesting. Mr. Yanagisawa, “King”, a senior student at the University of Itami Laboratory (first prize), attended the meeting and after the meeting ended, he talked about many things such as memories and chemistry.

Lastly, I went home from Osaka last night.

Next year from now, the next conference is Organometallic Chemistry debate @ Sendai for three days from the 7th. Next Monday is going for 2 days to Otsu in Shiga. I got a lot of things to do such as my experiment but I will work harder from now on.

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