Seminar by Dr. Nobuyoshi Yasuda

Dr. Shusho Yasuda of Senior Principal Researcher of Merck, the largest pharmaceutical company in the United State has came to Waseda University to give a lecture at around 4.30 pm.

It was a seminar that really inspired me when I was a student so I invited him to inspire Waseda students. He came after receiving a love call from me and with the aim of returning to Japan.

The first half of the lecture was the essence of process chemistry. Process chemistry = not a plant but a study that can be reached because of a thorough study of the reaction mechanism.

In the second half is the history of Merck. He talked about the differences in research style between Japan and the United States and the points where Japanese companies should improve. The lecture was a great success and many students ask questions.

After the lecture, we had a social gathering with the chemistry teachers (Kamata and Shibata). I was able to hear various stories there. Today, he arrived at 1 pm and had a good discussion (including assistant professors and students), so it became “Yasuda Day”.

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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