CSJ Chemical Festa 2017

I participated in the 7th CSJ Chemical Festa 2017 held at Tower Hall Funabori on October 17-19.

From Yamaguchi Lab, posters were presented by M1 Isshiki, Okita and Komatsuda.

This CSJ Chemistry Festa is held with the aim of “industry-academia-government exchange” and “dissemination of chemistry to society”. Many people from companies and researchers from academics have participated. A total of 3000 people were present.

There were many company booths in the venue and it was very crowded. I think it was a good opportunity especially for students who are active in job hunting. In addition, lectures in various fields on the latest research and familiar science were planned.

Poster presentation

The main event is still poster presentation by students. This year, there were over 1000 announcements over three days.


On the night of the second day, an exchange meeting was organized by the Executive Committee. I enjoyed interacting with participants from many fields. I feel that there were many opportunities to listen to research outside my field at this conference. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to explain in an easy-to-understand manner to people who did not understand my research. Of course, we were able to have meaningful discussions with teachers, students, and companies who are familiar with specialized fields.

At the end of the exchange meeting, there was a quiz tournament using the “Erenmentrump” that was introduced on this blog and a luxurious prize was prepared. I greeted a teacher who had the playing card just to receive the cards  and went around the venue while talking about research. Lol.


I wrote about the CSJ Chemistry Festa program up till this point but of course there are other academic activities held too.

On the evening of the first day, I participated in drinking M1 (partially M2 and D1) in the field of organic chemistry organized by Ito Lab. Then, I went back to Takadanobaba station with the members of Itami Lab after second drinking party. From here, Jun-san and Kei-san participated but all of M1 were so drunk already. I will do my best.

On the second day, we gathered and about 20 people went to the second party after the general exchange meeting. Most of them come from polymer and liquid crystal students background so I think it is a good experience to meet students from different fields.

Next, I will have another annual meeting in March so I will work hard to be able to present a more solid content.
I want to do my best!

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