Laboratory trip 2017 in Kamogawa

Hi. I am Asahara from B4.

A laboratory trip organized by B4 was held in Kamogawa for two days on 28th and 29th.

There are a total of 26 members, “Jun-san + Kei-san + Secretary Yamada-san + D1 Mickey + M1 people 5 + B4 8 + B3 9”, which seems to have increased considerably compared to last year’s laboratory trip (haha).

As in instagram, I chartered a large bus for the first time at a laboratory event.


1st day

We travelled by bus and divided the groups by 5 groups so that we can be close to B3!

Since it was via Aqualine, we took a break at Seaside Hotaru. Unfortunately, I could not buy Sea Firefly Kitty …


We ate sashimi for lunch at the Hota cafeteria just after getting off the aqua line.

After enjoying the seafood, we went to do hand-craft pottery at the Kamogawa Ceramic Museum. Although, I am a clumsy man but I recommend it because I enjoyed it without any major failure.


After a long time, we finally reached the seminar house after satisfied with the art sense. After a long wait, its dinner time!



After having dinner, it is a drinking party. Probably it is the main event (?) of this camp!

First, its the bus team results announcement! The first place is Kei’s team! It is a gorgeous prize GET!

On the other hand, the team Kitty I belonged to was unfortunately the last place … The punishment game was reverse Russian using alcohol.


After the announcement of the results of Bus team, the usual drinking party would begin … I was surprised that a birthday surprise was held for me and B3 Sugimoto. Thank you for the birthday cake and the heavy rain!


After this it was a drinking party as usual (?) Lol. I fell asleep on the way but more than half of them continued until 4:30 the next morning. It seems that almost all third graders were still alive. I will do my best not lose in this 4 years.

2nd day

Thanks to the drinking party that continued until early in the morning, the second day became quite ugly.

After leaving the seminar house on this day, we ate at the hotel crescent moon for lunch. Lunch buffet + hot spring & pool, but group photo was shared. Sorry🙇

The number of people increased greatly compare to last year and the drinking party was also rough. However, I was very happy because I am able to celebrate my birthday! I’m really thankful to everyone!

I hope we will have another enjoyable lab trip next year😉

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